Out of respect for our guests, the state and local governments, Sam’s No. 3 is now and has always been in full compliance with the ever changing rules. Yesterday, our permitted and paid for Enclosed outdoor patio at our Downtown Sam’s No. 3 location was deemed permanent. This is incorrect. We pay yearly fees to have this sidewalk encroachment and have done so since 2013. It is a space that if the city deems it wants access to again we must remove our revocable permit and structure within 7 days. That is what defines this structure as temporary. This is not a permanent structure and was built to be removed if necessary by the city. At the time of closure there were two non adjacent openings providing airflow thru this revocable patio then and always during guests visits.


As of 1:30pm today we were in communication with Denver Public Health & Environment, and through mutual cooperation, we have gone through the mitigation process and are being allowed to reopen on Saturday for takeout and delivery. DPHE did acknowledge that our patio is a temporary structure. The state of Colorado will be revisiting our patio in the coming days to review the air flow. We hope to be able to reopen our temporary patio soon.


Thank you for all your kind words and support.

Sam’s No. 3 Family.