If you believe in   anything, believe   in cheeseburgers                      
                       Sam's No 3: The    cure for resting       brunch face                        
                       If my body is a   temple pancakes are  a form of prayer                      
                       A well balanced     diet: a burrito      in each hand                        
                    i can rise and shine   just not at the        same time                         
                        today's soup:         Whiskey!                                              
                       eat till you're   sleepy. sleep till    you're hungry.                       
                          don't go              bacon             my heart                          
                          eat here           or we will          both starve                        
                       there's no way        everyone's       kung-foo fighting                     
                      we are unable to     quit as we are    currently too legit                    
               if you    believe in  anything,   believe in cheeseburger            
             if my body is a temple   pancakes   are a form  of prayer              
               a well     balanced     diet:     a burrito  in each hand            
             i can rise  and shine  just not at   the same      time                
                        today's soup    ---       Whiskey!                          
            eat till youare sleepy.  sleep till    you're      hungry               
                          don't go    bacon my     heart                            
                          eat here   or we will both starve                         
             there's no     way      everyone's   kung-foo    fighting              
               we are    unable to   quit as we     are      too legit              

We have more than you might imagine

Our menu is huge, and everything is delicious. We offer more than your typical diner and have a full menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Literally over 100 items.


gallons of green chili a day

eggs a week

people served a weekend day on average

people served a weekday on average

Anyone who doesn’t think that the best hamburger place is in his hometown is a sissy.

- Calvin Trillan

We've Got 3 Locations

Go figure... Come check out each one!

Downtown Denver