Every traditional breakfast diner in the country has the Denver Omelette on their menu. It’s become so popular over the years that it’s now considered a classic in the breakfast world.


While the popularity of the Denver Omelette as a breakfast diner staple is clear, what’s ambiguous is the complicated history behind what would otherwise seem such a simple dish. In fact, the story of the Denver Omelette is so mysterious that it’s almost considered to be local folklore.


But what’s the real history behind the Denver Omelette? As one of Denver’s oldest diners, we felt it our duty to investigate the matter further. We took a look at what local newspapers and historians had to say about the mixed up history behind Denver’s favorite scrambled dish and this is what we discovered.


What’s the Real Story Behind the Denver Omelette?

There has been great speculation as to the real origin of the Denver Omelette. A plaque on California Street in downtown Denver states that the Denver Omelette came into existence due to the desperate attempts of pioneers who were trying to mask the taste of rotten eggs by adding ham, green pepper, and onion.


However, the plausibility of such a story has been debated. In fact, many historians have balked at this claim, calling it nothing more than a tall tale. Green peppers in Denver during pioneer days? Impossible, they say!


A more likely theory is that the Denver Omelette came into existence due to the construction of the railroads leading out West. According to this theory, it’s believed that the Denver Omelette was actually an evolution of egg foo young consumed by Chinese laborers working on the railroad.


Others insist that the Denver Omelette started out as a sandwich which later took omelette form. Over time, we simply lost the bread but held onto the name.


So what is the real story behind the Denver Omelette? The simple answer is, nobody knows. We don’t know if it matters all too much. What’s important is that our Denver Omelette at Sam’s No. 3 is absolutely delicious.


What Makes Our Denver Omelette Fantastic

At Sam’s No. 3, all of our flat top omelettes are made from farm fresh eggs to ensure that you get a breakfast that’s not only delicious, but also fresh and healthy! Our Denver Omelette includes all the essentials (ham, onion, and green pepper) and is also served with American cheese. You can have your Denver Omelette served with potatoes and toast or french toast, mini cakes, or biscuits and gravy.


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