There are two types of people in the world – those who know brunch is the only meal worth having, and those that think it’s not. And Sam’s No. 3 is by far the best spot for brunch and mimosas in Denver. Our boozy brunch menu offers everything to quench your thirst and start your weekend right.

At Sam’s No. 3, We Define Brunch

It’s one of those perfectly weird but universally accepted truths – things are different on the weekends. There’s no better way to embrace this shift than starting with a fun cocktail and some hearty fare.

Brunch isn’t breakfast because breakfast is that meal you eat on the go. Unwind. Relax. Find space to sip a cocktail that would seem grandiose any other day. After all, at brunch, there are no rules.

3 Locations, 3 Different Vibes

Three locations means three different vibes, making Sam’s No. 3 the easiest choice for brunch in Denver – no matter where you are in the city.



Vibe – Bustling but chill.

Must-try – A Deep Eddy Lemon a fizzy Lemoni Bellini Mimosa with The Yum-Yum, an eggs Benedict concoction that will leave your mouth happy



Vibe – Modern quirky.

Must-try– Pair a Shillelagh coffee that’s heavy on the Jameson and easy on the coffee with an Avalanche Burrito full of classic first meal flavors – bacon, onion, and bell peppers



Vibe – Casual upscale.

Must-try – Delight your tummy with an Antioxidan Mimosa and a light offering of Seasonal Fruit with a Grilled Pita.

Imbibe & Enjoy with Brunch at Sam’s No. 3

These days, brunching means relaxing and there’s no better place to do it than at one of our three Denver locations. Check out our social pages, stay connected, and gather up your friends for a brunch that will remind you what brunch (and weekends) are all about.