Low Carb Breakfast Doesn’t Have to Be Awful

New Year’s resolutions can be hard to keep, especially if you’re tempted by great food at restaurants around Denver. But just because you’re eating out doesn’t mean you have to throw your diet goals away. At Sam’s No. 3, we think everyone should be able to eat the food they love without worrying about their waistline. We know you get tired of having to eat salad after salad while everyone else enjoys a tasty meal. Here are a few great low carb breakfast options to help you stick to your diet without having to eat another bite of cold romaine.


Ditch the Bread on Your Benny

Did you know that eggs benedict can be a great low carb breakfast for Denver diners if you take the bread out of the equation? Order your favorite benny, but ask your waiter to leave the English muffin off the plate! If you think you’ll still be hungry, add a side of bacon, ham or sausage and fill up on protein. If you want something to support your eggs, you can always ask for tomato slices for added flavor and deliciousness!


Enjoy Your Omelets with Abandon

Guess what! Eggs are naturally low carb! This means you’re free to enjoy an omelet without worrying about breaking your diet. Just make sure to sub the potatoes for an extra egg, add cottage cheese and tomato slices, and enjoy with your hot sauce of choice. We promise you’ll feel full afterwards, but you’ll escape that uncomfortable belly bloat you’d experience if you totally cheated on your diet with a short stack of pancakes.


Keep It Classic

Nothing is a better low carb breakfast for those cold Denver winter mornings than grilled pork chops and eggs cooked to order. You’ll get two hefty bone-in chops with two eggs cooked any way you like ‘em and can ditch the toast in favor of fresh tomato slices, plain Greek yogurt, or even cottage cheese. Just ask your server for a full list of options. We’ll make sure your low carb goals are met no matter what you’re craving.

Visit Sam’s No. 3 for the Best Low Carb Breakfast in Denver

Low carb breakfast can be tough to find in Denver, but at Sam’s, we’ve got you covered. With three locations across the Denver area, we’re proud to be your favorite neighborhood diner. Check out our full menu online and start crafting your ideal low carb weekend delight or call your order in and place it to-go.