Relax, Recover & Recharge with the Best Breakfast in Denver

After a long week, you need a chance to unwind and relax. Work is stressful, social events are rewarding, but you still need to reconnect with yourself and disconnect from the world. What better way to do that than heading to breakfast at your favorite Denver diner? We know…the last thing you want to do is leave the comfort of your bed and have to interact with others. But here’s why you should.


Take a Load Off

Have you ever tried to cook breakfast at your Denver home? There’s prep work to do, dishes to wash, and grease splatters to clean up. After all, nothing takes the joy out of a day off like having to clean up after yourself. Heading to your favorite Denver diner for breakfast means you can make all the mess you want and NOT have to clean up. Just try to get the food to your mouth—why waste great flavors?


Hair of the Dog Beats the Worst Hangovers

Maybe you went out last night with a plan to only have a beer or two out. Somehow, that one beer turned into three. And a few shots. And you aren’t sure what happened to your left shoe. It happens to the best of us. That’s nothing compared to the hangover you’re nursing. You know what helps? Grabbing a Bloody Mary, a breakfast burrito, and wearing your sunglasses inside until they kick in. At Sam’s, we’ll give you what you need to make your hangover suck less: Denver’s best breakfast!


Recharge Your Batteries

Friends don’t let friends drink bad coffee. We’re your friends. So, trust us when we say you shouldn’t be wasting time standing in line at the coffee stand in your grocery store. Instead, let us make you a great coffee or espresso drink to recharge so you can enjoy your day off or be ready for everything work can throw your way. You’ll leave with the caffeine rush you need without that horrendous aftertaste of capitalism and greed.


Visit Us for Breakfast in Denver

At Sam’s No. 3, we want your Denver breakfast to help you start your day off on the right foot. Let us take the stress and strain out of your week and help you relax over the best breakfast in Denver. All you have to do is make it to your nearest Sam’s location. Stop by, fuel up, and relax so you can tackle whatever the week throws at you.