Steak and eggs is a combination built to satisfy even the hungriest Denver residents. But let’s face it…your average diner’s steak and eggs recipe makes it feel like you’re chewing on old shoe leather trying to somehow turn it into a meal. No one should have to suffer through that just like no one should have to settle on sub-par light beer on gameday. Here are a few great ways to enjoy steak and eggs from your favorite Denver diner.

Ribeye and Eggs

When you’re extra hungry and want something bursting with flavor, our massive 16 oz, perfectly marbled ribeye served with a side of eggs cooked to order won’t disappoint. We treat this ribeye the way it deserves to be treated. Just don’t order it well-done. It deserves better. You deserve better.

Country Fried Steak and Eggs

When you’ve got a hangover the size of Texas and feel like a jackhammer is pounding into your skull, you need fried food. Our country fried steak is breaded, fried to the perfect golden brown, and smothered in our house sausage gravy. If that’s not enough to make you feel better, you’ll also get two farm-fresh eggs cooked your way and a breakfast side. We recommend the pancakes.

Bistro Steak and Eggs

If you’re watching what you eat but don’t want to sacrifice your steak and eggs addiction, our bistro steak breakfast combo is your new go-to. It’s a 6 oz steak cooked to order, two eggs, and your preferred breakfast side. Make it low-carb if you want to keep things healthy or indulge a little with a serving of French toast.

Handheld Spero Burrito With Steak

Sometimes, a massive platter of steak and eggs just isn’t what you want. Instead, try our Mexican twist on the Denver breakfast favorite. Our handheld breakfast burrito is filled with a generous helping of steak slices, fluffy scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, and breakfast potatoes with just a touch of our famous Kickin’ Pork Green Chili. Even better, you can eat it on the go without having to tuck into a big ol’ plate of food.

Satisfy Your Craving the Easy Way!

You could cook your own steak and eggs in the comfort of your Denver home, but why would you want to? Place an order online for pickup or delivery or book a time for dine-in and get your favorite cut of meat grilled up right without the mess.