Every Denverite knows that there’s nothing better than tucking into a big helping of the best chili in the city. Luckily, Denver has tons of options, but ask any local and they’ll tell you that the best bowl of chili in Denver comes from Sam’s No. 3.

So, what makes it the best meal you’ll ever have? Whether you’re visiting town and nursing a slight hangover from all the great craft beers or just looking to warm up on a chilly fall day, our chili fits the bill. Here’s why.

It’s Got the Right Amount of Heat

If you’ve ever ordered chili before, you know that spice levels can vary widely. Some are super mild and almost flavorless. Others make you want to run around the room or guzzle an entire pitcher of beer just to calm your taste buds. At Sam’s, we like to keep things consistent. Our bowl of chili packs a serious punch, but it won’t leave you regretting your choice a few hours down the road.

We Use NM Certified Green Chile

There’s a hot debate between New Mexico and Colorado about who produces the best green chiles in the country. Some say they come from Pueblo. Others know that nothing beats the New Mexico Certified Green Chile from Hatch. And that’s exactly why we use it. Not that we have anything against Pueblo’s peppers. We just think you shouldn’t mess with a classic.

It Comes in Vegetarian, Too

Our Kickin’ Pork Green Chili is great enough to eat on its own with nothing more than a tortilla and a spoon. And what makes it the best bowl of chili in the city is that it’s our family recipe. You know, the same one we whip up in our homes and serve to the people we like best. But some of you picky eaters out there let us know that pork wasn’t the only option we needed. Where other restaurants would laugh at the idea of taking pork out of the equation, we took it as a personal challenge. We’re happy to report that our vegetarian chili tastes just as good as our regular kind…just without the guilt.

Put in an Order Today

Nothing beats eating the best bowl of chili when you’re hungry. Stop by Sam’s and place an order for the best bowl of chili in the greater Denver area. We know you’ll love it so much you’ll crave it every week.