Sometimes we sincerely wonder why anyone would want to eat anything other than breakfast foods. I mean, just look at the staples: Eggs, toast, hash browns, bacon, sausage…what more could you possibly want? The food gods were having a very good day when they created the breakfast foods. And at Sam’s No. 3 – Denver’s top diner – we’re giving praise by serving up a huge variety of breakfast classics.


Too Many Favorites to Choose From

If you’re like us, you don’t like being asked to identify your favorite breakfast dish. It’s a bit like being asked about your favorite movie or your favorite ice cream flavor. There are simply too many good – nay, great – ones to choose from. 


But if you twist our arm and insist that we choose our very favorite breakfast food…we still probably wouldn’t be able to tell you. Sorry, but we’re bona fide breakfast lovers, and we don’t discriminate when it comes to our morning meals. 


Generally speaking, however, our personal tastes tend to gravitate in the direction of the more indulgent breakfast foods. Pancakes, eggs benedict, scrambles, and the like. This is especially true now that winter is upon us. When the cold winds blow, we need to fill our plates up some mo’.


Our Top Five Favorite Indulgent Breakfasts

This is gearing up to be a particularly chilly winter. That means that all of us here at Denver’s top diner are gearing up for a particularly indulgent holiday season. 


Here are five indulgent dishes that are making us feel extra merry this winter:


  • Pan Sand. Short stack of buttery, fluffy pancakes, plus two eggs (any style) and bacon, sausage, or ham. A winning combination for any occasion!


  • Breakfast Banana Split. You’ve never ordered this before, but we know you’ve dreamed about it. Thankfully for you, we’re in the business of making breakfast dreams come true.


  • Fruit Parfait. An indulgent breakfast classic, delightfully covered with seasonal berries and sweet, crunchy granola clusters.


  • Biscuits and Gravy with Meat. Nothing says “indulgent” quite like biscuits and gravy. When you add meat to the mix, you’re left with something truly mesmerizing.


  • Chicken and Waffle. …Need we say more?



Come On Down to Denver’s Favorite Diner Today!

Here at Sam’s No. 3, indulgence is something of a passion – and a specialty. So if you’re looking for some comfort food this winter, give us a call! You can also check out our online menu to learn more about our top-notch breakfast selection.