The leaves are changin’, and winter is comin.’ You know what that means: fall is here! 

The best way to get into the fall spirit is by enjoying heart (and body) warming spirits that are reminiscent of what fall is all about. So come down to Sam’s No. 3 diner and enjoy the best fall cocktails and local craft beer in Denver!

Below, we’ve listed some of our favorite adult beverages for enjoying during the cold weather season.

Delicious Fall Cocktails and Craft Beer You Can Find at Sam’s No. 3

‘Tis the season… to get tipsy and forget all your blues! And to help you do that, Sam’s No. 3 is serving up delicious adult beverages all season long! Stop by and try these tasty cocktails and local craft beers in Denver.*


The Classic Hot Toddy

The hot toddy is a fall classic – warm, rich, and with a little bit of a kick! This mix of Mandarin Orange Tea, whiskey, and butter with the final touch of a cinnamon stick is the perfect cocktail to keep you warm during the chillier months. 


The Snuggler

Are you already dreaming of the holiday months ahead? Then you’ll love this celebratory drink!  This simple (yet highly addictive) fall drink is a combination of hot cocoa and peppermint schnapps. You will want to cozy up by the fire after drinking this! Don’t say we didn’t warn you!


Denver Beer Co. Graham Cracker Porter 

The Denver Beer Co. Graham Cracker Porter is like fall in a can – with just enough alcohol to make it more fun. This robust, flavorful beer combines notes of mulling spices, smoked cedar, and vanilla to create the essence of a campfire favorite. 

The sweet aftertaste of fig and chocolate is perfectly balanced by the semi-dry finish of graham crackers. It’ll feel like the adult version of sitting around the campfire and eating smores. Except you won’t have to trek into the woods and endure the cold. Instead, you’ll be sitting at a diner, perfectly warm and comfortable, and drinking beer. Ah, that’s the good stuff!


Angry Orchard Cider 

Angry Orchard is definitely one of our favorite fall beverages. Despite the name, you will definitely feel the opposite of angry when you get a taste of this brilliant, unfiltered, hard cider. 


*Please note, beverage menus vary by location. Call ahead or confirm with your server that your beverage choice is available. 


Visit Sam’s No. 3 in Denver for Fun Fall Times!

The leaf rakes are coming out, pumpkin spice is back in fashion, and people are cozying up before the season’s festivities are officially in full swing. If you are someone who loves the fall time, then Sam’s No. 3 is the perfect spot for you to eat and drink with your other fall-loving friends. If you don’t, you can drink with us to get through it! Come one, come all – visit Sam’s No. 3 diner in Denver this fall!