The most important time is here – and no, we aren’t talking about Christmas. (Even though it feels like it!)

It’s football season! And you know what that means – chips and salsa, cold beer, the Super Bowl, and good times!  

To enjoy the true essence of American football, you need a place where you can hunker down with fans, watch the game, and enjoy a good meal. That’s why you should head on over to Sam’s No. 3!

When you visit us, you’re guaranteed good food, good company, the best beer in Denver, and a place where you can relax and watch the game uninterrupted. 


American Beers for Watching the Game at Sam’s No. 3

Football and beer has got to be one of the best combinations in the world. Really, is there anything more American? We don’t think so!

Americans love their beer, and we have plenty of it here at Sam’s No. 3. You’ll find the following options on our menu, each of which is perfect for enjoying the game.

Bud Light

Bud Light is the best-selling beer in America and for good reason. It’s a classic! It’s clean, crisp, and easy to drink, which makes it perfect for watching the game. 

Miller Lite 

This is a macro brew with a macro-following. Miller Lite is delicious, well-balanced beer that has a sweet taste and crisp finish. Grab a glass and watch the game at your favorite Denver diner! 


If you’re not into light beer, don’t worry. We’ve got some great medium-bodied beers that you’ll enjoy like Budweiser! Bud’s flavorful, crisp taste makes it the perfect companion for American food and football. 


Spend Your Football Sundays at Sam’s!

No matter who you’re cheering on, Sam’s No. 3 is a great place to catch the game in Denver. We’ll make sure you have a fantastic time as we keep the beer flowing all day long! 

Yes, you’ll have to get dressed. But it’s a much better option than watching the game all alone in your home, where the beer and food will run out eventually. Yikes!


Stop by Today!

What are you waiting for?! You don’t want to miss the game! Head on over to Sam’s No. 3!  We’ve got tons of great options on our menu that are perfect for enjoying the game including American beer, local craft beer, and delicious food. 

We look forward to seeing you soon! Go Broncos!