Step into the New Year like a champ!

Are you excited about working on your New Year’s resolutions? Why not tackle them with a belly filled with the best breakfast in Denver.

Sam’s No. 3 has got all your cravings covered. Here are some delicious breakfast dishes for kicking off the New Year!


Irresistible Breakfast Options from Sam’s No. 3

Leftover breakfast? Yeah, that’s up there with leprechauns and unicorns. At least, it is when you visit Sam’s No. 3! Our breakfast dishes are so delicious, they’ll have you licking the plate! 

The New Year is a time to be celebrated, and what better way to do it than with food?! Head on over to Sam’s No. 3 and gorge on these irresistible breakfast dishes today! 


Breakfast B.B.B.B.B.L.T.

Why opt for a simple B.L.T. when you can get your hands on a juicy and tasty Breakfast B.B.B.B.B.L.T from Sam’s No. 3! This sandwich is stacked to the max with thick slices of savory bacon. Delicious, gooey American cheese, farm fresh eggs, and fried tater tots pack the punch needed to start the New Year off on the right foot! Yum!


Coney Island Breakfast

Feeling nostalgic this New Year? Take your taste buds on a trip to Coney Island! Our Coney Island Breakfast features a half pound hamburger patty smothered in our signature Sam’s No. 3 Red Chili and is served with cheddar and tomato slices. Truly, it’s all you need to satisfy your hungry soul.


Country Fried Pork Chops & Eggs

What if all country roads lead to pork chops… wouldn’t that be great?! Your holiday travels may be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a real country breakfast! Start your day the right way with our succulent breaded bone-in pork chops! This delicious dish is smothered with sausage country gravy and served with farm fresh eggs and our trademark sides. 


“Momma’s Big Fat” Omelet

This one’s for Momma’s favorite girls and boys. This hearty breakfast features SIX eggs, ham, bacon, sausage, gyro meat, onion, bell pepper, tomato, and mushroom! (Whew… that’s almost the whole kitchen!) But we don’t stop there! It’s also topped with Swiss, Jack, and American cheese and served with our Kickin’ Pork Green Chili. You won’t be asking Momma for a second helping, that’s for sure!


Brrr-Ito Time

What’s the best breakfast for winter? You guessed it… a brrr-ito! Get a taste of one of these babies and you’ll be hooked for life! Enjoy a warm flour tortilla stuffed with your favorite fillings and served with your choice of tater tots, hash browns, or French fries. And, did we mention, there’s over two dozen different breakfast burritos on our menu! Take your pick!


Visit Sam’s No. 3 for the Best Breakfast in Denver!

Feel the hunger? What are you waiting for?! Head on over and eat your fill of the best breakfast in Denver at Sam No. 3!