Budget… the B-word we all dread. And the start and end of the year are the heaviest on your pocket. The holidays come around and just like magic, all the money in your wallet disappears. 

But just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you have to starve. Here are some affordable eats you can get in Denver from Sam’s No. 3!


Get the Most Affordable Eats in Denver at Sam’s No. 3!

It’s hard to stay on a budget, especially when you have good taste. And that includes good taste in food! That’s why at Sam’s No. 3, we make it possible for you to experience the best of both worlds… budget-friendly food that also tastes good! Here are some of our uber-affordable, delicious lunch options.


Soup for the Soul

Who doesn’t love chicken noodle soup? When you’re looking for a way to warm up on a cold winter day or just want something simple and familiar that reminds you of home, chicken soup is the perfect option. You can get a nice cup of it for just $3.99, a bowl for $4.99, a pint for $5.99, or a whole quart for just $9.99!


Cheese Enchiladas

Sometimes, you want the whole enchilada. Literally. Well lucky for you, you can get enchiladas for cheap at Sam’s No. 3! Our Cheese Enchiladas are stuffed to the max, then topped off with Emilio’s mom’s authentic spicy rojo sauce (Hi Emilio’s mom!). You get two enchiladas for just $10.99… muy delicioso!


Coney Dog 

Feeling hungry but don’t have a lot to spend? Relax and just chili. Our Coney Dog is just $6.99. This All-American classic is served with onion, mustard, and a hint of our No.3 Red Chili. You can also get some yummy sides to go with it for just a couple bucks. Add a side of fries for just $1.99 extra, onion rings for $2.99, or splurge on chili cheese fries for $4.99.


The All-American Cheeseburger

Nothing beats a good cheeseburger for a good price. Ooey, gooey cheese, savory meat, and fresh garden veggies… really, what more can you ask for in life! We make our All-American Cheeseburger with fresh ground beef, pickles, onion, tomato, lettuce, and a sesame seed bun. For the cheese, you get to choose between American, Swiss, Jack, or cheddar, whatever your heart desires! Served along with your choice of side, you get the whole meal for just $14.99!


Enjoy Lunch on a Budget at Sam’s No. 3 in Denver!

Sam’s No. 3 diner in Denver is the perfect place to grab lunch on a budget. With a huge menu and endless options to choose from, there’s truly something for everyone! Call today to get directions to a location near you!