Forget the flowers and hard, sugary candy she’ll never eat. The real way to a woman’s heart is good food. Instead of spending an hour at the movie theater in silence, not talking to each other or attempting to make something edible in your kitchen at home, do yourself a favor and opt for an experience that will be better for you both. Get Valentine’s Day right this year and treat your date to the best brunch in Denver at Sam’s No. 3.


Brunch Options for Celebrating Valentine’s Day at Sam’s No. 3

Truly, madly, deeply, brunch is the one thing you can fall in love with over and over again. This Valentine’s Day, enjoy an unforgettable brunch experience by visiting Sam’s No. 3 in Denver.


Pan Sand

Can’t decide between sweet or savory? Why force yourself to stick to one option when you can have both! Our Pan Sand gives you the best of both worlds.  We take a short stack of delicious pancakes and top them with any style of eggs and your choice of meat. 


Chicken and Waffle

Satisfy your craving for southern fare with our traditional Chicken & Waffle breakfast. Here at Sam’s No. 3, we serve this classic dish two different ways. You can choose a single diner-style old-fashioned waffle with chicken tenders. Or, instead of chicken tenders, you can opt for three pieces of your favorite chicken cut.


Cinna-Monster Roll

Looking for something sweet for your sweetie? Try our Cinna-Monster Roll. Imagine sharing a special moment with your partner over a perfectly baked, monster-sized cinnamon roll, bursting with flavor, and oozing with sugary deliciousness. What could possibly be more romantic! You can even add caramel and pecans for an extra special treat.


The Naked French Canadian Swiss Melt

Don’t worry; naked French, Canadian, and Swiss chefs will not be preparing your brunch. But what you will get is one of the best brunch platters in Denver, featuring a fusion of three different types of cuisine. We start with two scrambled eggs, top them off with Swiss cheese, then add delicious Canadian bacon, and sandwich it all between two pieces of fluffy French toast. Then, the entire concoction is lightly dusted with powdered sugar and served with a side of breakfast potatoes and sweetened strawberry purée.


Breakfast Quesadilla

Nothing says “te amo” like Mexican food. Our Breakfast Quesadilla is a mixture of melted cheddar, scrambled eggs, and diced bacon, folded in a grilled flour tortilla. Served with lettuce, tomato, sour cream, a side of Kickin’ Pork Green Chili, and your choice of breakfast potato, this hearty southwest breakfast makes for a satisfying meal that can’t be beat! 


Visit Sam’s for the Best Valentine’s Day Brunch in Denver

Want to know what love is? Stop by Sam’s No. 3 for the best Valentine’s Day brunch in Denver. Call today to get directions!