In case you haven’t heard, chiles are kind of a thing in Colorado. Just south of Denver, in the city of Pueblo, chile farms attract the attention of chefs and food connoisseurs from around the world. While there’s still a lot of debate about which chiles are best – Hatch or Pueblo – one thing is for certain: Sam’s No. 3 makes the best bowl of chili in the Denver metro. 


Not to brag (well, maybe a little) but, our Kickin’ Pork Green Chili recipe is so good that it’s caught the attention of numerous media outlets, including the Food Network and the Denver Post. Our family recipe has turned into quite the sensation and we’re pretty darn proud of it! 


Here’s a little bit about what makes our chili so chill.


How We Make the Best Bowl of Chili in Denver

Okay, so maybe our secret chili recipe isn’t so secret any more. A little while ago, the Food Network published it online and now everyone knows the details. But we really don’t mind. In fact, we kind of love it. Our chili recipe is too good NOT to share. And we’re all about spreading the love!


Here’s a little bit of info about how we make the best bowl of chili in Denver:


New Mexico Certified Chiles

Sorry, Pueblo, but we’re on New Mexico’s team. No disrespect. But we’ve found that one of the keys to making the best bowl of chili is…the chiles! We use New Mexico Certified Green Chiles for our recipe. Cooking the chiles evenly until they blacken and blister is critical to perfecting this recipe. 


Succulent Pork

Tender, juicy pork is another factor that makes our chili delicious. The important thing here is to cook the pork slowly on low heat so that it gets super tender. This also prevents it from drying out and becoming chewy. Also, a good amount of butter doesn’t hurt! 


Fresh Tomatoes

This is where so many chili recipes go wrong by relying on canned tomatoes only. We believe that fresh ingredients are an essential part of any good recipe. We use fresh tomatoes along with the canned ones for our chili recipe. 


Spectacular Spices

It’s the spices that really make this dish come together. Garlic, oregano, mustard powder, salt, pepper… we don’t hold back! We’re all about flavor and our chili is packed full of it!


Try a Bowl for Yourself!

Try the best bowl of chili in Denver! Call us today to get directions or place an order to go!