Mark your calendars! Monday, January 23, 2023 is one of the greatest holidays of the year – National Pie Day! No, we’re not talking about 3.14, so you can put your calculator away. We’re talking about the best kind of pie there is with buttery, flaky crust and delicious fillings combined together and baked to perfection!

If you’re looking for a way to celebrate this heavenly holiday, head on over to Sam’s No. 3 for the best pie in Denver! Our diner offers a variety of delicious types of pie and flavors, making it easy to satisfy your cravings! And, best of all, you don’t have to do any math!


Ways to Celebrate National Pie Day at Sam’s No. 3

As if you needed one, National Pie Day is the perfect excuse to chow down on your favorite dessert and get your sugar fix! Instead of making a mess in your kitchen and spending hours trying to find the perfect recipe, head on over to Sam’s No. 3 diner in Denver. We’ve got tons of delicious options to choose from including fruit pie, seasonal pie, and more!

Here are some delicious ways you can celebrate:


Delicious Fruit Pie

Fruit pie is a classic for a reason. Nothing warms the heart like the sight of gooey fruit fillings spilling out of a golden brown crust! At Sam’s No. 3, we offer three different kinds for you to choose from including apple, cherry, and blueberry! Order it by the slice or get a whole pie you can take home with you to share. (Or not share, we don’t judge!) You can even order a slice a la mode with ice cream! 


Seasonal Specials

Pie is a beautiful thing, really. It’s always changing. Each new season brings a new suite of delightful flavors just begging to be devoured. 

You can count on Sam’s No. 3 to get the seasonal specials you love! Just head on over to our diner in Denver and ask your waiter what flavors are currently available. Some examples of our seasonal options offered throughout the year include pumpkin, pecan, peach, and strawberry rhubarb. 


Pie Shakes

Yup, you read it right. We’re talking about milkshakes made with pie! We take a whole pie slice and blend it up with either chocolate or vanilla ice cream. That’s right, we just made your dessert dreams come true. You’re welcome!


Celebrate National Pie Day with Us!

Don’t miss out on the best food holiday of the year! Celebrate National Pie Day at Sam’s No. 3 diner in Denver. Call today to get directions!