Welcome to Sam’s No. 3, where the beer is as cold as your ex’s heart and the vibes are as warm as our world-famous chili. Today, we’re going to crack open our menu and spill the hops on the delicious ice-cold beer at our Denver diner.


The Beer Buffet

It’s a brew-tiful day at Sam’s No. 3 and our beer menu is proof! So grab a chair or settle down in one of our classic diner booths and get comfy! We’re about to tell you all about the symphony of flavors that await you. Fill your glass with one of these delicious ice-cold beers at our Denver diner: 


The Classics

Like every good diner, we’ve got all the classics you know and love including Budweiser, Bud Light, and Coors Light. Sometimes you just need a beer that’s as reliable as your favorite pair of jeans. No frills, just chill.


Craft Corner

Enter the magical realm of Colorado craft beer. Try a glass of Dry Dock Apricot Blonde, a beer so refreshing and juicy that it almost counts as your daily serving of fruit. And the Insane Rush IPA? It’s like a rollercoaster for your taste buds – thrilling, hoppy, and leaves you wanting more! We also have Colorado classics like Lefthand Nitro, Dale’s Pale Ale, Modus Hoperandi, and more!


Hometown Heroes

Nothing beats local flavor, which is why brews from Great Divide and Denver Beer Co. are a staple on our list. At Sam’s No. 3, we’re always ready to show you what Denver pride tastes like – one sip at a time!


Why We Pour What We Pour

At Sam’s No. 3, we believe beer is not just a beverage; it’s a journey – a journey that pairs splendidly with our Denver diner delights, from baby-sized burritos to gourmet burgers. Our selection of cold beer is a love letter to Denver, a city that appreciates a good brew and an even better bite.


Diner Delights and Beer-tastic Moments

Sam’s No. 3 isn’t just a diner; it’s a Denver experience. Whether you’re here for the nostalgia, the beer, or the best darn breakfast burrito this side of the Mississippi, we’ve got you covered. Our draft beer selection is the perfect sidekick to our menu – because nothing says “diner dining” like a cold one with your meal.


Visit Denver’s Favorite Diner Today!

So, next time you’re wandering through Denver looking for a spot that hits all the right notes – cold beer, classic diner vibes, and a dash of cheeky charm – remember, Sam’s No. 3 is the place to be. Pull up a chair, order a pint, and let’s make some memories over the best diner fare in town. Cheers, Denver!