Summer’s just around the corner and you know what that means – it’s time to soak up some sunshine! Located in the heart of Denver, our patio is the prime spot to soak up some vitamin D while indulging in some vitamin “E”… E for eats, of course! Here’s why our patio is the top spot to unwind, dine, and feel divine.


The Best Seat in Denver

Imagine this: it’s a perfect Denver day with blue skies above, and you’ve got a prime spot on the patio at Sam’s No. 3. Our outdoor seating isn’t just another patio—it’s your ticket to enjoying the vibrant city vibe, all while lounging in the comfort of our sun-soaked tables. It’s the ideal place for enjoying a meal under the sky, where you can bask in the sunshine and enjoy the bustling city life. Whether you’re people-watching or just enjoying the fresh air, our patio elevates your dining experience to something truly special.


Food Tastes Better Outdoors

Ever notice how food just tastes better in the open air? We’ve got all your patio favorites ready to make your al fresco dining truly spectacular. Dive into our legendary Coney Island Burgers, or wrap your hands around a deluxe Greek Gyro Wrap. Our dishes come packed with flavors as bold and vibrant as the Colorado sunshine. With offerings like our Kickin’ Veggie Green Chili and our mammoth Milkshakes, even the squirrels will want a table.


Cocktails on the Curb

No sunny afternoon is complete without a refreshing beverage, and our drink menu is as delightful and inviting as the Denver skyline. Sip on our signature Mimosas or take a walk on the wild side with our 3 Alarm Bloody. But why stop at cocktails? Denver is known for its vibrant craft beer scene, and we proudly pour a fantastic selection of local brews that pair perfectly with our patio vibes. Whether you fancy a light, crisp lager or a bold, hoppy IPA, we’ve got a frothy glass waiting to cool you down and cheer you up. 


Bring the Whole Crew

Got kids? Bring ’em. Got friends? They’re welcome too! Sam’s No. 3 is all about family, friends included. Our patio is the perfect spot for a relaxing lunch with your loved ones. And let’s be honest, everything’s better with a side of fresh air and sunshine.


Night or Day, We’re Here to Stay

Whether you’re an early bird looking to catch a breakfast burrito or a night owl stopping by for a bowl of our famous chili, our patio is ready and waiting. With plenty of tables and umbrellas to combat the midday sun, we’ve got the Colorado weather covered—literally. Call now to get directions and enjoy the best patio dining in Denver!