Where to Get New Mexico Certified Chile in Denver

Colorado does a lot of things right. We have great weather, the best beer in the country, and food that puts the rest of the nation to shame. But there’s one thing we don’t do as well as our neighbor to the south: grow green chile. Sure, Pueblo chile is great, but it’s not the same and we’re purists when it comes to the green stuff. You just can’t beat New Mexico’s Hatch green chile. But where can you find New Mexico Certified chile in Denver?


Your Grocery Store

Coloradans love green chile and that means it’s easy to find in most grocery stores. But you won’t find it fresh—all you’ll get fresh roasted is Pueblo’s attempt to reproduce a classic. Instead, head to the freezer section and look for New Mexico Certified chile with the Hispanic foods. If it’s grown in New Mexico, the package will have the certified seal right on the front.


Take care to read the label. Just because something says New Mexico chile doesn’t mean it’s New Mexico Certified green chile. Worse, you could end up buying a green chile sauce that just won’t taste right. No frozen sauce can compare with our Kickin’ Green Chili.



If you don’t want to order our Kickin’ green chili or need more than a few packages to fill up your freezer, scour the internet. Most major green chile producers sell their goods online. And you’ll be able to choose between frozen pre-roasted chile or fresh unroasted peppers. If you’re feeling industrious, roast your own chile for a fun and flavorful experience. Best of all, you’ll be able to get the chile you love delivered right to your door. That means no battling traffic or long lines at the store.


Start at Sam’s

You heard us right…we only use New Mexico Certified chile in our restaurant. Is our Kickin’ Green Chili the same as what you’ll find in the Land of Enchantment? Nope. It’s our take on a delicious classic. But you’ll still get the same great chile flavor in every bite, just like you would if you were in New Mexico. Get your entrée smothered with it, order it to go, or eat it with a spoon—there’s no wrong way to go about it.


Visit Sam’s No. 3 for the Best Green Chili in Denver

Satisfy your craving for New Mexico Certified chile at your neighborhood Sam’s No. 3. Whether you order it smothered over a burrito, with mac and cheese, or in a bowl to down with a spoon, your taste buds will thank you. Call today to get directions to a location near you!