In Denver, we know Mexican food. It’s a staple in our city and it’s rare to find people that don’t crave it at least several times a week. For many vegetarian diners, finding Mexican-inspired dishes that don’t contain at least some kind of meat or meat byproduct is almost impossible. If you’re trying to live a plant-based lifestyle, we don’t think you should be punished for your decision. Try these great vegetarian dishes to cure your craving at Sam’s.

Viva Mexico! Delicious Veg-Friendly Mexican Cuisine from Sam’s No. 3

When you’ve got your mind on tacos, and tacos on your mind, head on over to Sam’s! We’ve got some great Mexican dishes for vegetarians and vegans in Denver.

The Veggie Skillet

Nothing says “Denver Mexican food” like a dish smothered in green chili. Our Veggie Skillet does not disappoint. You get your choice of breakfast potatoes cooked perfectly crispy alongside a hefty serving of mushrooms, onion, tomato, bell peppers, and spinach. We then smother the dish in our famous Veggie Green Chili and carefully melt a handful of shredded jack cheese.

Vegetarian Burrito

All of our burritos start with the same base: a massive flour tortilla, fluffy scrambled eggs, and breakfast potatoes. But our vegetarian version takes things a step further. We add mushrooms, green pepper, onion, tomato, and spinach and top the entire thing with our Vegetarian Green Chili. It’s big enough to leave you with leftovers so you can always share one of your vegetarian friends in Denver…if you feel like being nice.


Every meal deserves a great appetizer. Our Veg-Nacho platter won’t disappoint even the pickiest vegetarian foodies in Denver. We make it macho size, so it’s plenty to share or more than enough to make a meal if you’re on your own. You a massive pile of crispy tortilla chips topped with melted jack and cheddar cheeses. We then top it with pinto beans, black beans, tomato, black olives, homemade guacamole, sour cream, and green onions. Ask for a side of our Vegetarian Green Chili and you’ll be set!

Hand-Rolled Chile Rellenos and Eggs

Our rellenos aren’t served as a vegetarian dish normally, but you can request it. Just sub the standard pork green chili for our vegetarian version and you’ll be able to enjoy our perfectly crispy, cheese-filled rellenos smothered in a Denver staple: New Mexico Certified green chile.

Vegetarians, Eat Here!

At Sam’s, we know that people choose to follow a vegetarian diet for a variety of reasons, but we firmly believe that a veg-heavy meal should taste just as good if not better than a meat-filled dish. Stop by your neighborhood Sam’s today to try some of Denver’s best vegetarian dishes now.