Few things are better than indulging in authentic Greek food right in your hometown. For a lot of people, the idea of eating Greek means heading to an overpriced restaurant, spending too much money on too little food, and leaving unsatisfied. We think that sucks. Hospitality, big portions, and fun are the hallmarks of Greek life and that’s what we try to live by. Here’s why you should get your fix for Greek food at Denver’s best Greek diner.

Homemade Everything

Let’s face it—Greek food isn’t the most common option in Denver. That means a lot of restaurants order pre-made items from massive food suppliers that don’t understand the difference between a gyro and souvlaki. At Sam’s, we make everything in-house with our family’s secret recipe. It’s the most authentic Greek diner experience you can get—not that there are many Greek diners in Denver…

Mix It up With Mexican

It’s completely normal to have a hardcore craving for green chili at the same time that you’re craving souvlaki. Trust us…we’ve been there weekly. When you stop by a traditional Greek restaurant, you’re limited to nothing but Greek food. Sure, that Mediterranean flair is great, but it’s not going to hit the spot in the right way. That’s why we incorporate a bit of Greek goodness with classics like our breakfast burritos, skillets, and even our Sam-wiches. We’re a Greek diner in Denver. What else would we do?

It’s Tradition

Innovation is great when you’re working in haute cuisine or trying to impress people that want to eat tiny portions of fancy foams that restaurants pretend are food. We think you deserve an actual meal. You should leave satiated, not starving and heading for the first fast-food drive-thru you can find. Our portions are big because it’s tradition. The food is genuinely Greek because it’s tradition. We use our grandparents’ recipes because it’s tradition.

Get Your Fix at Sam’s!!

Finding good Greek food can be tough in a city that prides itself on green chile competitions and craft beer from Belgian-inspired breweries. At Sam’s, you’ll get the true Greek diner experience that you deserve: massive portions of home-cooked Greek food that will fill you up without breaking the bank. The next time you’re looking for a great gyro, stop by Sam’s No. 3 and grab an order to-go or book a spot online to dine in at your preferred location.