Fall weather is on the way and if there’s one thing the recent cold snap has done, it’s making everyone crave those fall flavors. Sure, pumpkin spice might be the most common, but we think it’s a bit overdone and underwhelming. Instead of heading to that massive, impersonal coffee chain and getting your PSL fix, switch it up and grab a hot toddy. The hot toddy is what every Denverite needs to relax and unwind in the fall. Here’s what makes it so damn awesome.

Whiskey…Need We Say More?

Anytime there’s whiskey involved, you know you’re in for something good. It’s the most versatile hard liquor, but it makes every single fall beverage that much better. It’s the star of the traditional Denver hot toddy. When you order at Sam’s, you can choose your preferred libation. We recommend Bulleit for those of you with taste, but our well whiskey still makes a mean toddy if you’re on a budget.

They’re Not Sweet

How many times have you ordered a cocktail only to find that you can’t stomach it? Some of those mixed drinks make soda taste like water. It’s too much and it ruins your tongue for the finer things in life. The classic hot toddy has just enough honey in it to make it smooth, but not so much that you feel like you’re drinking straight sugar water. That means you can order it with pancakes and still taste the pancake!

It’s Spiced Just Right

Not all hot toddy concoctions are the same and we hate the idea of being like those boring diners. That’s why we take the standard hot toddy and put our little twist on the tradition. Instead of a lemon peel garnish that you can’t use and definitely don’t want to chew on, we add a cinnamon stick. Use it as a straw for a true taste of fall.

Embrace the Toddy

Staying warm on those chilly and snowy Denver days can be tough but our hot toddy will make it easier and way more enjoyable than sipping on a bland latte. The next time you’re craving a warm boozy beverage, head to Sam’s No. 3. Place an order online for pickup or reserve a spot to dine in at your preferred location. Whatever you choose, we’ll bring the booze and handle the cooking so you can relax, unwind, and enjoy the smell of that fresh roasted green chile wafting on the air.