Fall is green chile roasting season and that means we’re pumping out gallons of our Kickin’ Pork Green Chili every single day. At Sam’s, we pride ourselves on using nothing but New Mexico Certified Chile to produce Denver’s best and most versatile condiment. Sure, we could use chiles grown in Pueblo, but we just don’t think they hold up to the real deal. We would never try to pass off a Coors Light as a craft ale from one of RiNo’s microbreweries, so why would we use an inferior pepper?! NM certified chile is far superior. Here’s why.

It’s the O.G.

Pueblo farmers try hard to mimic what happens down in Hatch, New Mexico. And they do an admirable job, but it’s just not the same. The chiles are bland and can’t hold up to the flavors we infuse in our Kickin’ Pork and Vegetarian Chiles. Sure, the other ingredients are good, but we want to taste the burn and peppery goodness that comes from the green stuff. New Mexico certified chile packs a punch and kicks you in the mouth with flavor in its simplest roasted state. It came first. And first is always best.

It’s More Consistent

We don’t play games with our food—we just play with it when we’re feeling like kids. That means we need our flavors to be consistent. You guys count on us to produce the same chile that you’re craving anytime you’re not at the diner. Pueblo chile just doesn’t do it. The flavors change from plant to plant and that means our batches won’t be as flavorful as you deserve. New Mexico certified chile is the only choice for Denver’s best green chili sauce.

We Have to Make Dad Proud

Sam’s is a family business. Most of our recipes have been carefully honed over the years and we try to stay true to our heritage. We’ve used New Mexico certified chile at our Denver diners for decades and we can’t imagine doing anything else. To use Pueblo chiles would be sacrilege. It would be worse than posting our famous souvlaki recipe online. It’s just wrong.

Get Your Chili Fix Now

New Mexico certified chile is the one that Denver residents crave even if they don’t know it yet. Place an order for chili to-go and enjoy our famous Kickin’ Pork Green Chili on all of your favorite dishes. While you’re at it, book a table online and get your fix at your favorite Denver diner.