The holidays mean one thing: celebration. If you’re like us, that celebrating means enjoying your favorite boozy beverages…sometimes to excess. Nothing kills your holiday spirit as quickly and thoroughly as an intense hangover. When those hangovers hit, you need some serious jet fuel to get you up and moving. Sam’s No. 3 has your back. Our coffee is the best way to cure your Denver-sized hangover. Here’s what makes it the best option around.

It’s a Local Blend

You deserve the best coffee in Denver when you’re not feeling your best and that means big brand coffee chains that have a location on every corner or restaurants that use cheap, commercially produced beans just aren’t good enough. We pride ourselves on serving the best, locally roasted coffee every day. We get our signature roast from Vail Mountain Coffee & Tea Co based right here in Colorado. The beans they use come from some of the best coffee growers in the world and get roasted to order. Since they’re just off of Highway 24 in Minturn, each order arrives fresh. That means you get the best coffee you’ve ever had every time.

Coffee Drinks Are Our Jam

Though the beans we get are good enough to drink black, sometimes, you just want something a little fancier. Our experienced baristas can whip up anything from a classic cappuccino to our signature Van Halen latte. If you need a little something sweet to wash the memory of the night before away, all you have to do is ask.

It’s Available By the Box

For those crazy nights out that impact your spouse, your roommates, and that friend that crashed on your couch, you need more coffee than your regular pot can handle. You can order our signature Denver coffee blend by the box and share it with the people you care about (or not). One thing’s for sure, it’s got enough caffeine to make you feel alert and enough great flavor to wash away the embarrassment you feel when your significant other shows you the video they recorded of you dancing on the coffee table.

Order Coffee To-Go

Don’t let those hangovers keep you from enjoying your day. Place an order for Denver’s best coffee as soon as you wake up. Stop by your favorite location to pick it up or get it delivered right to your door, hot and ready to help you power through that killer headache. The choice is yours.