2020 has certainly been a year for the books, and not exactly in a good way. When future historians write a book about 2020, we hope that book gets lost on a shelf somewhere. Good riddance. 


But hey, we made it! Finally, it’s time for Denver to unwind with some local craft beer, and to bid farewell to 2020.


The Silver Lining of 2020: A Rekindled Passion for Beer

After a global pandemic and months of lockdown, this incredibly bizarre year is finally coming to an end. And if you’re like us, the past year has helped you to understand a lot of interesting things about yourself. Like, how your partner has a subtle – but surprisingly annoying – habit of starting every other sentence with the words: “Hey, so…” 


Or maybe you’ve finally figured out how many Oreos you can eat in a single sitting. We tried that – and while you’d probably be impressed with the results, we don’t recommend the experiment.


But above all else, 2020 has prompted us to rediscover our love of beer (can you blame us?). I mean, we never exactly forgot about it, but 2020 has elevated our love of beer to new heights.


Welcome the New Year in Denver with Your Favorite Local Craft Beer

Here at Sam’s No. 3, we’ll be celebrating the end of 2020 all month long with copious amounts of Denver’s best local craft beer. So if you’re looking for a delicious and festive way to bid adieu to 2020, then look no further. We’ve got you covered!


If you live in Denver, after all, you’re probably already a big fan of local craft beer. Among the many benefits that this city has to offer – including mountains and a creepy airport – is our beer selection. In fact, Thrillist recently dubbed Denver to be the third best beer city in the United States. And as it turns out, that’s the origin of the “No. 3” in our name (Just kidding…or are we?). The top two places went to San Diego and Portland, Oregon. But fear not, loyal Denverites – the top spot will soon be ours! 


Three Convenient Locations Serving Denver’s Favorite Local Craft Beer

No matter where you live in Denver, there’s a Sam’s near you to satisfy all of your 2021 beer cravings. 


We partner with local breweries like Avery Brewing Company to bring you some of the Front Range’s finest beverages. We also have three easily accessible locations – Aurora, Glendale, and downtown Denver. Stop on by this holiday season to celebrate the new year with some of Denver’s favorite local craft beers!


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