7 Ways to Enjoy Breakfast All Day in Denver at Sam’s No. 3

Is there really anything better than breakfast? Those extra-crispy slices of bacon, perfectly cooked eggs, delicious, fluffy pancakes, and hot coffee soothe the soul. At Sam’s, we serve breakfast all day right here in Denver. Here are a few ways to satisfy your craving no matter how late it gets.


  1. Breakfast Burritos All Day, Every Day

We get it…you don’t always want sweet, especially after a long morning of sugary coffee beverages. Our breakfast burritos will do the trick no matter when you order them. Try our Burrito Supreme with ham, bacon, sausage, and gyro meat or our Rockies Burrito complete with green chili and 2 chile rellenos inside!


  1. Mmmm…Benedicts

Benedicts have been a staple of brunch for decades. Why not enjoy them as breakfast all day in Denver? Choose from the Classic or branch out with our Huevos Benedicto and get your fix of our Kickin’ Pork Green Chili and chorizo.


  1. French Toast

Who doesn’t want to feel like they’re eating desert as a meal? Our traditional French toast dipped in cinnamon and vanilla egg batter and dusted in powdered sugar will leave you wishing you’d ordered more. We won’t judge you if you order it just as a side. Promise.


  1. Waffle Sandwich

Sweet and savory combined into one meal you can enjoy at any time? Yes, please! You get 2 eggs and your choice of meat. Drizzle syrup over it…or don’t. You’ll be happy either way.


  1. Omelets of Awesomeness

You worked up an appetite, so order one of our massive 4-egg omelets! We recommend our Denver Omelet with diced ham, onion, bell pepper, and tons of American cheese. But our Reuben Omelet will make you wonder if you really want to bother with dinner ever again.


  1. Mimosas

Nothing says breakfast all day in Denver like sipping on a mimosa. Enjoy a classic or try our Flip Flop Mimosa for a tropical twist on a brunch-time classic. There’s nothing wrong ordering one with dinner. Or desert.


  1. Morning After Burger

Burgers and fries are the best and the best way to make them an option for breakfast all day in Denver is to order an egg on top. Just ask for our Morning After Burger add-on to any of our signature burgers.


Stop By for Breakfast! 

Ready to enjoy Denver’s best breakfast all day? Stop by your nearest Sam’s No. 3 and order whatever breakfast dish you feel like. We don’t care if it’s dinner time.